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Meet Kendra

Certifying Doula in Birth and Postpartum

Hi I'm Kendra! 

I am a mom to 3; 2 boys and 1 girl. I'm married to a carpenter/contractor. We live in Georgian Bluffs Ontario in an old farmhouse that keeps us busy with projects. 

My passion for birth and postpartum work came from my own experiences carrying and birthing my children.

My birth experiences with all 3 were very different from one another. I've had a home birth that ended in a hospital transfer due to a 4th degree tear. I had an induced hospital birth with epidural, and I had another induced hospital birth. 

I suffered with undiagnosed postpartum depression for the first 6 months of my son's life (who was also colicky). I then got help once I realized what it was and have now happily been taking medication to help. 

I love spending one on one time with people and really getting to know them and their stories. If I am not playing with the kids, you could find me hiking, sipping a hot coffee with a good book, strolling through a downtown window shopping, eating a restaurant, or at a church event.

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